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I am Fortunate to have a good relationship with the Adam White Personal Training Studios and I operate out of their gym in Westminster. 

Adam White Personal Training Studio, Romney House, 65 Romney Street London, Westminster SW1P 3RF (Opposite Barratt Homes, The Courthouse)


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If you're going to work with a personal trainer, don't you want to get the most out of the experience?

Is it enough to get a good workout, or do you want understanding as well?

Personal trainers can sometimes be guilty of making their clients dependent upon them. It's often in their best interests to keep crucial information to themselves, simply because if the client becomes too independent, they won't want to hire the trainer any more.

In essence, they view an educated, well informed, smart client as somewhat of a problem.

This is where I like to be different.

I think that while it is important to have an excellent workout (and I can assure you I don't go easy on anyone), it is also important to make sure that you are getting knowledge to take care of yourself.

Let me introduce myself...

At heart I am a teacher and I love to explain things. This feeds into everything that I do as a trainer. This means that contrary to what you'll find with most trainers, I believe that my sole objective when I start working with a new client, is to eventually make myself redundant. To get you to the point where you don't require a Personal Trainer any more because you have all the know-how you need.

If that sounds interesting to you then let's have a chat.

You can send a quick email to Nick@NickKinsella.co.uk and I'll get in touch as soon as possible, or call me on the number at the top of this page.

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