What The Hell Is Diabetes And Why Should I Give A Damn?

In part 3 of our what the hell is...? series, I'd like to take a look at one of the most common dietary conditions around. Diabetes. What it is and how we can reverse it?

Wikipedia tells me that 387 million people have the condition as of 2014. This means two things: firstly that approximately 1 in 12 people globally have the condition, which leads me to my second (and more important point), that many MANY people will be interested in reading this article.

 Finally, my quest for Kardashian level fame will be complete.

Delusions of grandeur aside, what is diabetes? How do we avoid it in the first place? And if we have it, what can we do to fix it?

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So You Want A Flat Stomach Huh? - Part 1: Eating to Shift Body Fat

There are A LOT of diets out there and everyone seems to have their take on what you should and shouldn't eat. This is an important conversation. The food you eat is overwelmingly the biggest contributor to your levels of body fat. In essence...

Exercise, sleep patterns, stress levels and hormonal factors make up the remaining 20%. When it comes to removing body fat. Food is the biggest player of them all!

Today I'm going to make my best attempt to show a way past the confusion surrounding what we should eat. To give you and every person who reads this, a perspective to guide their decision making on what they should and shouldn't eat. My hope is that this in some small way, helps move the debate on healthy nutrition on to a broader consensus.

That is a big goal and this will therefore be long article, so I've done my best to make it as visual as possible. If you persist with my ramblings, you should hopefully find a new way of looking at food and your body.

...also a flat stomach :-)

What are we going to talk about?

  1. How to gain a clear perspective on the often chaotic world of healthy eating, and why we need it.
  2. How to tweak your diet to encourage fat loss without starving yourself, and the science of why it works.
  3. How to make this all work, in a very simple way.

Let's go!

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Sit-Ups - The Exercise For People Who Don't Know Better

Today I want to talk about an exercise that I see every single day. An exercise that almost every personal trainer will teach you; that every glossy glamour magazine will promote, and that will likely do you absolutely nothing but harm.

I'm talking sit ups.

They are a stupid exercise, and anyone who tells you to do them, almost certainly hasn't done their research. Frankly, I am bored of seeing fitness professionals prescribe them. I can only assume that this is out of ignorance.

Let me be clear, if you are an office worker, or you sit a lot all day (and frankly, that's everyone these days right?) then the sit-up is one of the worst exercises you can do. Here, we're going to talk about what those reasons are and examine some superior alternatives to get you those rock hard abs that you crave.

Lets go!


Do Sit Ups "Tone" Your Abdominals?

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So You Want To Run Fast Huh? - Part 2: Help! My IT Band Just Exploded!

In the second entry of my So You Want To Run Fast Huh? series, we're going to be looking specifically at a constant bugbear for the serious runner - Illiotibular Band Syndrome.

If you've been running and felt a pain on the outside of your knee, you may have this particular problem.

What the IT band is and does, is by in large misunderstood by most people and saying "Oh, you've pulled your IT band" is a really really long way from knowing how to fix it. I continually encounter experienced runners, personal trainers and (somewhat surprisingly) physiotherapists, that don't have much of a clue of how to deal with this common cause crippling knee pain.

Here we are going to look at what Illiotibular Band Syndrome is, how is it caused, and most importantly, what you can do to make it go away for good. Let's get started!

This is going to be a really long article, because the condition is quite complex. If the geek stuff is over your head, ignore it and just do the exercises. :-)

Iliotibial Wha...?

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Good Meat And Fish Vs. Bad Meat And Fish... What's The Difference?

High protein, lower carbohydrate diets.

They're a staple of anyone who knows how to shred body fat off in a short time without compromising muscle mass. I use them to help get my clients rapid fat loss results without starving them three quarters to death.

When compared to more traditionally recommended high carbohydrate low fat diets, they've been shown in many cases to better aid the treatment of obesity, cancers, type two diabetes as well as much more, and getting yourself on a diet like this will almost certainly involve eating meat.

Unfortunately there have been many headlines recently about the dangers of meat consumption. Often without fully clarifying what kind of meat is actually being discussed. This has lead to confusion about what is good and bad for health.

  • Is it possible to eat meat that is bad for you? - Yes
  • Is all meat bad for you? - No

In this article we're going to be talking about that distinction, and how you can use it to make better choices about what to put in your body. In this article we are going to talk about three major factors regarding meat consumption.

  • Pesticides
  • The Omega 3 / Omega 6 Ratio
  • Mercury contamination

All three are worth knowing about, but before we begin let's look at why we eat meat in the first place and take a step into our collective history.

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