How to Lose 10Kg in 30 Days Without Starving Yourself. Or Why the Paleo Diet?

One of my clients started with me a few months back with a shopping list of medical problems. The most preeminent of which were.

  1. He was quite overweight, bordering on obese.
  2. He was being monitored for high cholesterol levels. 
  3. He  was considered at high risk to developing type 2 diabetes

This is a all too frequent scenario that I bump into.

He had been fed the usual advice on following a balanced diet with calorie restriction by his GP and was struggling to stick to it. The calorie restriction model of weight control exacerbates hunger and makes remaining fully awake throughout the day difficult, with people often resorting to caffine to give a pick up.

After dietry coaching and three workouts per week for only one month, he is more awake, 10Kg lighter and more importantly, not hungry.

After three months on this program a blood test at his local GP was taken; the results also tell a similar story. Triglycerides that were high before, plummeted. HDL (AKA "good" cholesterol) went through the roof; LDL (AKA "bad" cholesterol) dropped. Total cholesterol was also down. Blood sugar was low and stable. Weight loss continued at a steady rate (albeit slightly slower than the first month).

How all this was achieved? A lower carbohydrate version of the Paleolithic diet.

His GP's response? "Low carbohydrate diet... don't you feel like you haven't got energy?"


Enter the Paleolithic Diet

I regulary do presentations on the Paleo Diet at my gym. In my opinion there isn't a better way to fuel a human body than eating foods that are minimally processed.

I have recieved a lot of requests for a video version that people could refer to and here it is.

The YouTube video was uploaded about a week ago and although I really doubt that it will go "viral" (there are precicely zero "LOL Cats" in it) it is something that I am quite proud of. It will teach the vast majority of people more about nutritional science in its 30 minutes than they've learnt in most of their lives. A big claim, but one that I think holds up to scrutiny.

I have been studying nutrition with an eye for improving health and longevity for some time and my discoveries have truly made a profound impact on how I look feel and perform.

I don't want to make this a long blog post as the video contains all the information you need. So let me say this as simply as I can: 80% of your body composition is determined by what you eat. If you have struggled to get to where you want to be no matter how hard you exercise it could be that your nutrition is at fault.

To clarify:

•    A good workout plan + a poor nutritional strategy = failing to get to your goals.
•    A bad workout plan + an excellent nutritional strategy = you will get most of the way there.
•    An excellent workout plan + an excellent nutritional strategy = you will get to where you want to be very quickly indeed.

So without further adue, here are the three respective parts of the video that will help get the most important bit of this exercise food combo right.

If it gets too dense at any point. Pause and rewind. That is afterall the advantage of having it on video :-)

Part 2: 

Part 3:

The Paleo Diet Matrix:

As for any questions you may have, please let me know and I'll do my very best to answer them.

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