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I am Fortunate to have a good relationship with the Adam White Personal Training Studios and I operate out of their gym in Westminster. 

Adam White Personal Training Studio, Romney House, 65 Romney Street London, Westminster SW1P 3RF (Opposite Barratt Homes, The Courthouse)


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I've met some really great people over the years, and I've always felt fortunate to be in a position where I can help them in such a profound way. Below is some of the feedback I received from these wonderful people, about the work we've done together, and what it means to them.

"working with a personal trainer never really crossed my mind"

I was never really much of an exercise person. In truth I always hated it at school and even though I was overweight, smoked and had an erratic diet, the idea of working with a personal trainer never really crossed my mind as I always assumed they were only for celebrities.

I can honestly say that I haven't looked back since starting with Nick. I now feel strong, slim and more confident in myself and I had niggling pains in my hips which I am happy to say are seemingly gone for good. I actually lost most of the weight in the first three months but decided to continue and after a year of hard practice and gradual improvement I can say that I've completely changed my life for the better. Among other things I can squat over 80Kg and throw a 32Kg kettlebell around; my body looks and feels so much better.

- Carmen M

"Prior to meeting with Nick I wasn't sure how I could really benefit from a Personal Trainer..."

...But I knew I needed to understand the science behind exercising in the right way to ensure I prevented future injury.

Nick treats you as you are the most important person in the world. He has a genuine interest in you and bespoke his training programme to your exact requirements. I learnt new techniques and increased my power to weight ratio, avoided injury and actually enjoyed cycling 500km. Nick prepared me mentally and physically to attack Mont Ventoux and a 1911m climb on a bicycle!

He is as far removed from the stereotypical gym junkie as you can get. He has a deep understanding of human anatomy and introduced me to advanced stretching techniques that prevent future injury.

I would strongly recommend Nick to anyone who wants to improve their cycling or running technique and maximise their potential. Nick is at the top of his game and is a very pleasant and knowledgeable person to work with.

- Alan M D


"Training is expensive but much less so than further medical treatment"

Around 12 months ago I had a disk bulge in my lumbar vertebra which was so debilitating that I had a cortisone injection and extensive physiotherapy last summer. I started working with Nick as he was recommended to me by the gym staff as having the most experience in rehabilitating such injuries.

Training is expensive but much less so than further medical treatment on my back and or physio. After seven months my back is now strong enough to deal with any normal everyday activity. I also am capable of supporting very large weights - something I would not have thought possible 12 months ago and I have just completed a 7.5 hour endurance race in Snowdonia!

Very patient and encouraging without being at all overbearing, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone with an injury like mine.  

- Jeremy G

"I lost over three stone (20Kg)..."

I don't normally write testimonials but I have to give credit where it's due. Having put on a lot of weight over the course of the past few years, I was hesitant to step foot in a gym, never mind hire a personal trainer. Then Nick came along. I approached him and explained my situation and within a couple of days, he had written me up personalised diet and exercise plans, which I started immediately. He responds quickly to any enquiries I have with in depth explanations and makes sure I understand everything thoroughly. He doesn't hold back his knowledge like other personal trainers I've met and genuinely wants to see you succeed.

With his help, I lost over three stone (20Kg) in five months and am continuing to drop weight. I'm much slimmer and feel more confident in myself. His friendly and professional attitude has made this whole process so much easier than I thought would be possible and I regret not starting this journey years ago. He's thorough and dedicated and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. I trust him completely. 

- E.C

"following his recommended diet, I was off my metformin medication"

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed Polysistic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS) on both ovaries, it is a metabolic disorder caused by hormonal imbalance. After taking medications for ten years to solve the problem my condition got worse, my insulin resistant was becoming too important and I was showing first signs of diabetes.

I met Nick when he was giving a lecture on nutrition and introduced the Paleo Diet. His presentation was simple and clear, and his strategy makes sense.

After few sessions with Nick, listening to his advice and following his recommended diet, I was off my metformin medication, a wonderful surprise! Two months later, I notice a big shift with my hormones and blood sugar levels. Six months later my insulin resistance improved dramatically.

I triple checked with my doctor and other specialists what he was saying, they all said he is a very good personal trainer and his training has contributed in reversing the disorder and improving my condition.

I would highly recommend him to anyone and specifically to women with PCOS or those who are struggling loosing weight and cannot understand why."

- Christine W

"Thanks for the knowledge!"

I jumped feet first into some long runs last week after a couple of months off and was very quickly in some pain that made me wonder whether I would even be able to run a half marathon next month.... until I pulled out my lacrosse ball and the exercises you showed me. It only took about 10 minutes over the course of two days to work the kinks out and I feel fine. Just wanted to say thanks for the knowledge!

- Richard G

"fit and confident on my wedding day."

I met Nick in the months leading up to my wedding, when I was struggling to make a difference to my body on my own. I had a terrible posture (from sitting at a desk all day!), which together we managed to completely correct, along with dropping a dress size!

Nick's enthusiasm and expertise helped me transform my body and feel fit and confident on my wedding day. He also helped me change the way I eat, focusing in on how to fuel my body for optimum weight loss and long term health benefits. I would recommend Nick without hesitation, he really changed my life and the way I feel about exercise."

- Rosanne D

"I lost a stone and a half over the 8 weeks"

Nick is a great personal trainer. I had the goal of weight loss and had between 1 and 2 sessions per week. I lost a stone and a half over the 8 weeks with a combination of his dietary adjustments and good training techniques, using the big muscle groups to get the most work done in a short space of time. He follows up appointments with emails of the workouts completed and his blog posts have also been useful. I would recommend Nick and have already done so. 

- Geoff M

"I may have hung up my running shoes without him."

Nick is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with. Amongst other things, he has helped me get fit enough to run 250km across a desert and has helped me come back from illness and injury along the way. He pushes me in a way that made me want to improve without being aggressive and has an intelligence in his approach that really shines through in everything he does.

I also really value his tenacity; if you have an issue he will continue to work with you to resolve it without letting up. For me this issue was a serious injury and I am grateful for his help because I think I may have hung up my running shoes without him.

I am not just fitter than I have ever been, but I am stronger, more supple, and have a better understanding of how to adjust my training to suit the races I run. After a year of working with Nick, I would count him as a close friend as well as my trainer – he has always gone above and beyond in helping me to achieve my goals. If you want to partner with someone who is really passionate about what they do, Nick is definitely your man!

- Veronica R

"...the GP was shocked"

I had a 'lightbulb' moment when I met Nick in my gym just after Christmas 2012.  I had decided to increase my gym visits as I'd been told my cholesterol was too high and the GP suggested statins which I wanted to avoid if possible.  Nick spoke to me about the exercise routines I should follow to get the most from my gym time, teaching me how to use weights, kettlebells etc when I hadn't touched them before (and didn't think I needed to!) In our weekly sessions everything seemed to fall into place and make sense. 
I now know how to spend 45-60 mins in the gym and properly feel the benefits  and improvement.   I followed Nick's straightforward eating rules on the Paleo way of eating and persuaded my GP to hold off prescribing statins for 3 months to see if my bloods improved after a change of diet and exercise routines.  In early April 2013, repeat tests were done.  I'd lost 25 lbs, my overall cholesterol was down from 7.2 to 6.4, HDL ratio improved from 4.2 to 3.0 and triglycerides down from 1.7 to  0.8.  I know the GP was shocked  - she said although they told people to change their diets, they didn't expect it to make that much difference and asked me for details of my diet!"

- Lynn C

"experiencing daily knee pain and was on the verge of giving up."

I originally signed up to see Nick because after discovering a love for running a couple of years ago I was fed up with experiencing daily knee pain and was on the verge of giving up. I'd seen a physio, bought the best trainers I could find, spent hours on a foam roller etc etc. From Nick's profile I could see he was a runner and worked with other runners so it made sense to choose him.
From the very beginning Nick gave me a series of lower body stretches to do on a regular basis to ease the knee pain. After about 2 weeks of doing this the knee pain started to get better. The rest of our sessions were focused on strengthening my hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders (basically the back of my body) and the bit just above the inside of my knee (sorry Nick I can't remember what its called). All of these things together would make me a better runner, ease the knee pain and make me less likely to get injuries in the future.
After 8 sessions I'm pretty much pain free in my knees and if I do start to get a bit of pain one day I know which stretches I need to be doing to stop it. The other day I was talking to someone about it and I couldn't even remember which knee it was that use to cause the most pain!

- Holly M

"I did not think I needed a personal trainer."

I have worked with Nick as my personal trainer for over a year.

Before I started training with Nick I did not think that I needed a personal trainer. It was at a lecture I attended at the gym where Nick presented his views on training and nutrition, that I became convinced I had a lot to improve -- in my training, lifestyle and diet.

I was impressed when Nick put together a customised personal training programme for me, especially made to address my weak areas, and avoiding exercises which were not for me (whether due to long-term injuries or in order to maintain the overall strength balance). Nick is also able to achieve results extremely quickly as during each session I do a lot more than I would be able to do otherwise.

Most importantly, I always look forward to our sessions as Nick's enthusiasm for fitness and genuine care for my well being have a positive impact on me every time. A motivating factor for me is also the fact that Nick is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher along the way. Overall I would say that working with Nick is a life changing experience.

- Petra M

"I've learned a LOT!"

I've learned a LOT!  I have a better understanding of what I can achieve in a short amount of time at the gym, I've learned exercises with fitness methods that I was eager to know more about (kettle bells & TRX in particular), and most importantly I've been able to remedy what I considered a chronic injury until now… 

I've been running for years and developed injuries over time, most recently a sharp pain around my left knee.  The pain was so bad that I had to stop running altogether.  All of the lower body strength we've done in personal training, along with various and frequent stretches that you've taught me, now adds up to a virtually pain-free life.  I'm back to running, I'm now up to about 30 miles a week… and I'm getting ready for a half-marathon in January.  I'd say our PT has been a success! 

- Sabrina A

"Nick is genuinely fascinated with the science behind fitness"

Normally I’d regard personal training as a slight indulgence and tend to get bored in the gym, but when I decided to run my first marathon some expert advice seemed a good idea. Nick was a huge help in designing and working with me on a programme to help me to run a marathon with very limited time for training as well as helping me to tackle a number of longer term issues. Nick is genuinely fascinated with the science behind fitness so when I mentioned a problem with my knees when running longer distances he was able to identify the source of the problem and design specific exercises and stretches to tackle this.

Nick’s highly committed to helping deliver your training goals, but is also conscious of the balance between pushing you and making sure training remains enjoyable. He has helped to design a very varied programme which enables me to get great benefits including resolving  posture and strength issues with less time in the gym. So even after completing my marathon, I decided to continue training with him.

- Jill L