Where Are You?

I am Fortunate to have a good relationship with the Adam White Personal Training Studios and I operate out of their gym in Westminster. 

Adam White Personal Training Studio, Romney House, 65 Romney Street London, Westminster SW1P 3RF (Opposite Barratt Homes, The Courthouse)


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Q: Where are you going Nick?

A: I will be moving to Fitness First Oxford Circus and Fitness First The Strand. The facilities are a massive improvement over the old gym and Location details can be found here: http://www.nickkinsella.co.uk/where-do-you-work/


Q How long will the old gym be closed for?

A: Details are sketchy but apparently from the 23rd of October until early February next year.


Q: How long have you known about the gym closing down?

A: I and the other Personal Trainers were afforded the same amount of notice as the members and only found this information out on the 23rd of September.


Q: Are you planning to come back once the gym is refurbished Nick?

A: I may decide to return to the old gym after the refurbishment, but I am deferring that decision until the new-year. It may be that I will find the ability to operate from more than one site advantageous, but I’ll have to see what happens.


Q: Do I need to be a member at Fitness First to train with you Nick?

A: No. I can get you in as a guest for a minimal fee that I will cover on your behalf.  There is no extra expense on your part.


Q: What about my LA Fitness membership?

A: As for your LA Fitness membership; it can be cancelled with no penalty at any time because of the club closing. More info on that can be gotten by calling the club on 0843 170 1001.


Q: I need a gym to go to. What is the membership cost at Fitness First?

A: Well it depends on what package you go for, but Fitness First are generally one of the cheaper gyms around and they have also offered me a deal whereby you will be given £10 off their monthly membership rate *forever*! Let me know if this is something that you could be interested in and I’ll set up a chat with them for you. The lowest monthly rate with the discount would be £35 per month.


Q: What about my Sessions?

A: Your sessions with me remain unaffected. Hopefully we can come to some sort of arrangement to complete any outstanding packs at the new facility and in the best case scenario, continue with our training. If this isn’t the case then I can of course offer refunds for any unused sessions.